Successful UKCAT Preparation

Successful Medical School applicant and Top Achievers’ Programme Scholar

What kind of school do you attend?
A I attended a popular state school in my area.
How does your school support your UCAT exam preparation?
AMy school did a few practice interviews but these were specifically catered to workplace interviews rather than specifically a medical school. Also, I attended a class to help with writing my personal statement which gave tips on how to lay it out and the content; giving me guideline on how a good personal statement is structured.
How many students go on to Medical School from your school in a typical year? What about in your year group?
AI, as far as I am aware, am the only person in my year group that went on to medical school, and I do not know of other students from others years who have done so as well.


What aspect of the application process were you most worried about?
AI was most worried about the interviewing stage because it was something that I knew I only had one chance to do in that moment (because you can get a lot of help with personal statements and do a lot of practice exams for the UCAT). Also because I have not worked before, I had never been in a situation where I had to do a real interview so it was a very new experience for me.
How helpful did you find the different aspects of the Top Achievers’ Programme? Please provide details.
AInitially I did not know about the stages of applying to medical school in terms of interviews and the entry exams (UCAT/BMAT) so the Tap programme provided me lots of information about the application process and I felt like I was fully informed about the steps. Also, I received lots of help with the UCAT and with the skills required for each section and it really made a difference to my overall score. Also I thought knowing about what different medical schools look for in terms of applications helped me play according to my strengths and therefore I didn’t just choose which schools I applied to randomly and I felt that increased my chance of gaining admission.
What advice would you give to other potential applicants?
AI would say just work as hard as you can in all aspects so don’t think that because you got an interview it will be easier than the personal statement or the entry exam. Also, make sure you are realistic with your applications and don’t just choose the university based on the reputation they have or just because generally it’s a good school, it has to be about the way they teach and if it is right for you.
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