How Top Achievers’ Programme can help you

We receive various enquiries – usually from parents/guardians, but sometimes from students themselves – asking about our services. Upon request, we assess private students’ suitability to be enrolled on the Top Achievers’ Programme (as a TAP Scholar). Our initial assessments are suitable to students from 11 – 18 years of age.

A dedicated Consultant will work with an assigned TAP Scholar-Parent/Guardian team to map out and follow what we call their ‘Pathway’ to a successful University application. Depending on your requirements and other logistics, private consultations can be held in our London offices, a mutually agreed location in the UK, Abroad, or over Skype.

Whether you are resident in the UK or Abroad, below are the range of services we offer our Private clients. The bespoke nature of our offering means that upon your request, we can focus on certain areas that are of interest to you, tailoring our services and related costs to a special package that meets your unique needs.





A package to suit you

Gold Package:

For students privately enrolled as TAP Scholars, following an initial Private Consultation, assessment by a dedicated Consultant, and production of their bespoke ‘Pathway’ to a successful University application. This includes our full range of activities that guide their entire journey to making successful University Applications. Components are raising aspiration, dispelling myths about Oxbridge, other Russell Group Universities, and the Professions, gaining relevant work experience, planning and drafting personal statements, full application review, admissions test preparation, and interview preparation.

Silver Package:

For students who have started the journey in University application, but need us to help formulate a winning strategy, sharpen their technique and to generally support their efforts for a successful outcome. Components of this package include a combination of services from the following – private consultation and feedback, production of the bespoke ‘Pathway’ to a successful University application, personal statement review, a full application review, admissions test preparation, and interview preparation.

Bronze Package:

For students who have progressed their journey in University application (either privately, or through some level of support received from their School), but wish to gain additional expert support. TAP Scholars that typically use this service request our targeted support in one or two components of the University application process. The single most popular support often requested is preparation for University interviews.