Oxbridge Applications


Successful Medical School applicant and Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) Scholar

What kind of school did you go to?
AI went to a State-run Grammar School in Kent.
How did your school support your application?
AThe School helped me to log on to UCAS and also by emailing me about events and opportunities related to my desired course. They informed me about the entrance exams required for applying to study medicine, however this was done quite late in the year and no assistance in preparing for these exams were given. They also helped me register for the BMAT (one of the entrance exams). In addition to this, they scheduled a talk with current medical student, and an administrative officer (though not specific to medicine).
How many students go on to Study Medicine from your school in a typical year? What about in your year group?
ATypically, about 1-3 students go to study Medicine from my school each year. In my year group there were 3 people accepted to study Medicine, including myself.
What were your grades at the time of application?
AGCSE: Chemistry-A*, Biology-A*, Physics-A*, Religious Education-A*, Graphics-A*, Spanish-A*, History-A*, Further Maths-A*, Maths- A, English Language-A, English Literature-A, Business and Communications-A

AS: Chemistry-A, Biology-A, Mathematics-A

A2: Philosophy and Ethics-A

What aspect of the application process were you most worried about?
AI was most worried about passing the interview stage and also meeting the required grades for my offer.
How helpful did you find the interview preparation on the Top Achievers’ Programme?
AThe interview preparations by Top Achievers’ were really helpful. The general interview advice, (such as how to prepare individually, things to look out for and general dos and don’ts), were very useful and were a great help during the interview process. The mock interviews were even more insightful as many of the questions (or similar line of questions) were asked in the actual interview. Top Achievers explained how to answer these questions by highlighting the main points and helping you to construct good answers. They also gave helpful tips on how to answer most styles of questions that are given at interview. This made it easier to successfully answer any questions that I was not prepared for. Having done a number of interview simulations, I was more confident at facing the actual interview and I believe this improved my overall performance.

Mrs O’s Testimonial

We contacted the Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) for their services because admission into Medical School is becoming increasingly competitive and my daughter needed support to reach her full potential. My daughter’s confidence was boosted and she gained admission into the University of her choice. Yes, I would definitely recommend TAP to other parents.