Successful Medical School Applicant and TAP Scholar

What kind of Secondary School did you attend?
AState grammar school
How did your School support your application?
ASchool had a tutor with the position of overseeing all medicine applications, providing tips for our CV, UCAS advice, reviewing our personal statements and conducting practice interviews. Also carried out UCAT practice sessions
How many students go on to Study Medicine from your school in a typical year? What about in your year group?
AIn a typical year group, 5. In my year group, about 15. Year group size is about 230.
What were your grades at the time of application?
AGCSE: 9A* and 1A. IB: 38 points, HL 666
What aspect of the application process were you most worried about?
AMMI interviews
How helpful did you find the interview preparation on the Top Achievers’ Programme?
AI found the programme to be very helpful in preparing me for my medical school interviews. I was given an informative insight on how to effectively and coherently structure my answers, which was an initial weak point of mine. Naturally it wasn’t that I did not have the things to say, rather that I wasn’t clear on how to structure my thoughts. Nevertheless this aspect of my interview skills visibly improved through the training I received.

Secondly I received comprehensive and beneficial advice for MMIs, particularly in terms of understanding how to deal with questions that assess your qualities through indirect means eg. asking you to describe a picture to test your communication skills.

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