Top Achiever's Programme Dr Derin Review
What made you contact the Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) for their services?
A My daughter had just finished her A-Levels with excellent grade predictions but got no offer from any of the Medical schools that she applied to. A friend whose daughter used the services of TAP and got all her 4 medical school offers asked me to contact Dr Derin but she warned me that her services are usually overbooked with some parents booking like 2 years ahead of their children’s Uni entry year so she might not have space for my daughter.

True enough, by the time I contacted Dr Derin she has been fully booked for the season but being the person that she is after hearing my story; that my daughter was a Scholar in her school, has been predicted straight A*s but could not even get three out of the 4 Medical schools to invite her for an interview she said she would take her on and that by the Grace of God my daughter would not only get all interview invitations but all the 4 Admission offers.

She then started working with her starting with the Personal statement, to the work experience, internship programmes, UCAS Application, University selection, UCAT preparation and interview preparations.

What was the outcome of your daughter becoming a TAP Scholar?
AShe was able to secure an admission to read Medicine in Cambridge University
Would you recommend TAP to other parents?
Any other comments or feedback?
AI have to say that Dr Derin is a God-sent to my family.
Words alone cannot describe the way she works with her students to help them in achieving their goals.

She takes each student as a personal project and coach, tutor and guide them through the different difficult stages of the admission process and ensure they get to where they need to get to.
Personally, I can’t thank Dr Derin enough for her help and support.

My husband and I had assumed that our daughter having attended one of the very best schools in England would be adequately prepared for her Medical school admission especially in the area of writing the Personal statement but when Dr Derin saw what the school approved for submission she was surprised at how inadequate it was.

She then walked her through step by step until it was perfect for submission.

She helped to arrange an internship program and was at the same time monitoring her GP shadowing programme. My daughter was so well prepared that all her interviews went excellently well by the grace of God.

I can say without any doubt that the TAP programme is the best Resource programme in the UK if you want your child to secure a seamless Medical School Admission.

I just want to say a Huge Thank you to Dr Derin!

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