Oxbridge Applications

Successful Medical School applicant and Top Achievers’ Programme Scholar

What kind of school do you attend?
A State school.
How did your school support you with your application?
AThey paid for me to be a part of the TAP programme which was super helpful.
How many students go on to Medical School from your school in a typical year? What about in your year group?
What were your grades at the time of application?
ASeven As, an A*, and a B in GCSE
What aspect of the application process were you most worried about?
AThe interview process as well as the initial personal statement preparation.
How helpful did you find the different aspects of the Top Achievers’ Programme? 
AThe Top Achiever’s Programme was organised in such a way that every aspect of the application process was catered for. I found the UCAT and interview prep sessions particularly useful because of the sorts of resources I was given access to that I would have otherwise not known much about. These resources helped me simulate the real tests and this was invaluable in preparing me.
What advice would you give to other potential applicants?
AStart preparing for interviews as soon as your (interview) offers start coming in. It can be difficult to do this because of school demands but if you restructure your timetable, cutting out all the time wastage, it can be done. You want to minimise the stress levels before interview and early preparation is one way to do this.
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