Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) is a student-mentoring programme for raising aspirations and supporting secondary school students to make successful applications to UK Universities including Russell Group Universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities), as well as Medical and Dental Schools in the United Kingdom. Following an initial assessment, students from 11 – 18 years of age, can be enrolled on the programme as TAP Scholars.

Working with our team of Consultants, we deliver the programme with a profound passion, a definitive goal, and a resolute commitment to enable each TAP Scholar to succeed in their applications to UK Universities.

14669095_s Our Passion:The hallmark of the Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) is to be part of each TAP Scholar’s journey – whatever their social, cultural or economic background – in achieving their fullest potential in University admission. Our strong belief in the Widening Participation agenda makes us especially passionate about raising aspiration, boosting confidence, and thereby enabling social mobility.

Our Goal: The main goal of the Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) is for every TAP Scholar to successfully apply to their best-fit University including Russell Group Universities and Medical/Dental Schools in the UK.

Our Commitment: Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) promises to be intellectually stimulating and enriching to every TAP Scholar, providing the information, support, and skills required for gaining a place at a University and Course of their choice.

Our Success: Each year, TAP Scholars go on to study in prestigious Universities across the UK. Here is a little bit about one of our most recently successful TAP Scholars – Joshua. Having 9 A* and 1 A GCSE Grades, plus 38 IB Points, Joshua applied to 4 UK Medical Schools. His academic profile was very strong, and not surprisingly, he was invited to interview at all 4 Medical Schools. However, he was rejected by the first 2 Medical Schools with whom he initially interviewed. Following this, his mum contacted us, and Joshua got enrolled on the Top Achievers’ Programme to improve his chances of succeeding at the remaining 2 interviews.

Working with a dedicated TAP Consultant, a rigorous Interview Preparation package was drawn up for Joshua. This drastically improved his interview skills, improving his chances of gaining a place to study Medicine. His subsequent 2 interviews then took place, and he received offers from both Medical Schools. Joshua is now studying Medicine at a London Medical School. Here is a featured interview with him… →

TestimonyJoshua – Successful Medical School Applicant and TAP Scholar
I found the programme to be very helpful in preparing me for my medical school interviews.


I was given an informative insight on how to effectively and coherently structure my answers, which was an initial weak point of mine. Naturally it wasn't that I did not have the things to say, rather that I wasn't clear on how to structure my thoughts. Nevertheless this aspect of my interview skills visibly improved through the training I received.

Secondly I received comprehensive and beneficial advice for MMIs, particularly in terms of understanding how to deal with questions that assess your qualities through indirect means eg. asking you to describe a picture to test your communication skills.

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