Our Passion:

The hallmark of the Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) is to be part of each TAP Scholar’s journey – whatever their social, cultural or economic background – in achieving their fullest potential in University admission. Our strong belief in the Widening Participation agenda makes us especially passionate about raising aspiration, boosting confidence, and thereby enabling social mobility.

This 2-tier project has already been successfully piloted on a small scale to raise aspiration and HE-progression amongst Thurrock students. One of the measured outcomes of this was that 100% participants progressed to HE in September 2017

The current project will scale –up on a proven evidence-based approach to supporting each student in progressing to Higher Education

Raising aspiration

Nurturing ambition

Providing the ‘hand-holding’ intensive-support that is effective in raising participation in the HE application process and ultimate HE-progression.


In pursuit of our passion, we run a series of enrichment activities and intensive-support programmes that enhance progression to Higher Education (HE) for large cohorts of school/college students (irrespective of their baseline attainment level).

In partnership with Make Happen, we are currently running an enrichment project across Thurrock Schools/Colleges.

Make Happen Top Achievers Programme

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Make Happen is part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) funded by the Office for Students (OfS) to support young people to access Higher Education.  It is dedicated to inspire young people, raise their aspirations and promote interest in Higher Education (HE) as a route to achieving their ambitions.

All project activities are targeted at NCOP learners. These are young people in years 9-13 who live in target wards in Essex. These wards are selected due to them having low progression to HE overall or lower than expected HE progression based on GCSE attainment.

Enrichment for HE-progression: Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) in collaboration with Thurrock Council, is delivering this enrichment project as part of the wider NCOP programme for Essex – Make Happen.

Based on evidence from a highly successful pilot with students from across Thurrock schools and colleges, this project serves as a catalyst towards achieving the Government’s goal of increasing the numbers of young people progressing to HE.

Simultaneously running in 2 Phases, this is a 2-tier enrichment project that continues to reach many target students (and parents/carers) from the identified low progression postcodes across Thurrock.

Participants: Students living in target wards, and their parents/carers

  • Phase I participants: Year 12/13 students
  • Phase II participants: Year 9/10/11 students


Tier 1: Inspirational Assemblies

A series of events for NCOP Learners in Year 12, together with their parents/carers.

Tier 2: HE-progression ‘Hand- Holding’

Group and one-to-one intensive-support sessions for NCOP Learners from Year 12 to Year 13, together with their parents/carers.

We are confident that this project will enhance progression to Higher Education from across Thurrock Schools/Colleges.


Tier 1 ONLY: Inspirational Assemblies

A series of events for NCOP Learners in Years 9, 10 & 11, together with their parents/carers.

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