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With over 10 years’ experience of enabling University Applications, the Top Achievers’ Programme (TAP) was established to mentor secondary school students to make successful applications to Russell Group Universities (including Oxford and Cambridge Universities), as well as other top Medical and Dental Schools in the United Kingdom.

Following an initial assessment, students from 11 – 18 years of age, can be enrolled on the programme as TAP Scholars.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”


A non-selective London State School enrolled its first set of students as TAP Scholars in September 2012.


Prior to running the Top Achievers’ Programme at this School, only 40% of the 2010-2012 Sixth Formers progressed to University in September 2012.

Private Support for Russell Group University Admissions


Since running the Top Achievers’ Programme at this School, 90% of the 2012-14 Sixth Formers progressed to University in September 2014. Maintaining this trend, again and again, 90% of the 2013-15, 2014-16, 2015-17, and 2016-18 Sixth Formers progressed to University in the September following their completion of Sixth Form studies. Of those progressing to University in September 2018, an impressive 20% went unto Russell Group Universities


  (recorded School participants within the 2016-2018 Sixth-Form academic cycle)




School Support

Working alongside your staff, we identify and select high-achieving students.

Private Support

We receive various enquiries – usually from parents/carers and students themselves


Here are a variety of useful resources that will enhance your progression to University


Top Achievers’ Programme launches TAP TV; a video channel where we aim to broadcast EVERYTHING on how to progress from Secondary School to University in the UK.

TAP TV is a means to support many more students and their parents/guardians with navigating the transition from Secondary School to University. Staff of Secondary Schools and Sixth-Forms/Further Education Colleges will also benefit from the expert guidance that will be given at these online sessions.

During each weekly Wednesday broadcast, we will explore timely topics based on the School Academic Calendar and University Admission Cycle. Also, subscribers to the TAP TV Channel will have the opportunity to suggest topics of interest which will be included in the broadcast schedule.

TestimonyJoshua – Successful Medical School Applicant and TAP Scholar
I found the programme to be very helpful in preparing me for my medical school interviews.


I was given an informative insight on how to effectively and coherently structure my answers, which was an initial weak point of mine. Naturally it wasn't that I did not have the things to say, rather that I wasn't clear on how to structure my thoughts. Nevertheless this aspect of my interview skills visibly improved through the training I received.

Secondly I received comprehensive and beneficial advice for MMIs, particularly in terms of understanding how to deal with questions that assess your qualities through indirect means eg. asking you to describe a picture to test your communication skills.

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Oxbridge Applications– Head of Sixth Form
The TAP service has provided our students with some invaluable support.


The interview prep has been of incredible support to our students. The assistance with personal statements and references has been beneficial in particular, whilst our 6th form has grown in numbers and doubled in the size of our university up take.We have found our TAP programme to be a great marketing tool and the benefits are beginning to show. Cohort that left summer 2014 had one external TAP student on the programme, our current Year 12 cohort now has 5 externals on the programme.

Feedback from parents (especially with the funding workshops) has always been very positive. This programme is used to motivate and raise aspirations of our students. Success breeds success.

Oleg, one of two students to gain admission to an Oxbridge UniversityOleg, one of two students to gain admission to an Oxbridge University
Oleg attends a non-selective state school in inner-city London. First in the long history of this school, he is one of two students (both supported by the Top Achievers’ Programme) to gain admission to an Oxbridge University.
     This programme was key to allowing me to get to Cambridge. If you're in a position to apply to Oxbridge, or other top unis - just do it. Do not let your background, or school performance define your prospects, as it is up to you to make the best of your situation. Also, remember that if you do get rejected - there are still several other options, as you would apply for 5 universities.
Simi is a Computer Science Student at a Russell Group UniversitySimi is a Computer Science Student at a Russell Group University
Simi was a TAP Scholar on our School Support Programme at a non-selective state school. He has now progressed to studying Computer Science at a Russell Group University.
     I would like to express my appreciation for TAP and hope that other applicants can benefit from it too. Determining universities to apply to/pre-application preparation advice: This was quite helpful as it helped me determine which five universities I wanted to apply to. I was also given a personalised list of activities to do in order to strengthen my application.
Oxbridge ApplicationsParent-Student Testimonial – Mrs O and Niyin, from Kent
Mrs O and Niyin, from Kent

Mrs O (mother) contacted us to enrol her daughter - Niyin , on our Private Support 'Gold Package'. Working with a dedicated TAP consultant, Niyin and her family were strategically guided on the pathway to medical school - from gaining relevant work experience, required admissions tests, university choices, personal statement, overall UCAS application, and medical school interviews. Niyin is now studying Medicine at the UK university of her choice.

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